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Private Tutoring NCCAOM Board

Foundations, Acupuncture Point Location, Chinese Herbology, and Bio-Medicine NCCAOM board exams

  • 1 hour
  • 75 US dollars
  • Online

Service Description

We'll help you pass! Our tutoring sessions are designed to assist you in preparing for the board exam, whether it be the Foundations, Acupuncture Point Location, Chinese Herbology, or Bio-Medicine exam. We offer guidance and answer specific questions in 1-3 sessions, or we can cover the most important topics from the NCCAOM content outline in 8-10+ sessions, depending on your individual needs and preferences. All sessions are conducted through Zoom. If you have any questions or would like to schedule your first session, please let us know. Students Testimonials: "Today I took my first Chinese herbal prep class with Susana Brooks. She was an excellent teacher. Her notes are very digestible and well-organized. She is testing you with questions along the way to learn where you need more help. I am looking forward to my next tutorial with Susana." Rada D. "Susana is fantastic! During our first tutoring session, I liked how she was able to make a breakdown of the information and go into detail, so it was easier for me to make connections. Herbs was my weakest subject in the OM Program and I am currently struggling with passing my Herb Board Exam. Susana is very knowledgeable and patient and is going over my weaknesses with me, section by section, so that I can do well next time... I'll definitely do as many tutoring sessions as it takes, so I can pass the rest of my exams" Cory P.   "Susana is a special teacher and student. She presents with a sense of calm, provides you structure while explaining and going step by step through the material, that allows one to feel it's manageable. She is reliable, patient and extremely knowledgeable. Through her teaching, you know this is her passion and not only is she good at teaching and explaining it if there is anything she can't answer. She is honest and gets back to you. Personally I wouldn't be walking through these board exams without her knowledge, grace, and warmth. Forever grateful for this wonderful human🌺❤🌺" Karina G. "Susana went above and beyond to help me with my studying! Her information is straight to the point and she made sure I understood the material before moving forward. I’m so grateful I took the chance to hire her! Do not hesitate to reach out to Susana!" Luis F. "I'm very grateful for Sussy's tutorial material. It is very clear, easy to understand, and well elaborated. She takes the time to explain anything that I don't understand or have difficulty with...." Ximena I.

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8353 Southwest 124th Street #103, Miami, FL 33156, USA

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